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13 Favorites of 2013

As we begin counting down the final hours of 2013 and tie up those loose ends we’d like to not carry over into a new year, making way for new opportunities to unfold in 2014 – I find myself pondering over this last year and how fast it flew by!

While quickly recalling 2013 I’m reminded of all my favorite things, places, and food (YES, food!!!) that I stumbled across over the year. Rather than keep these amazing goodies all to myself, I decided to share them with YOU!
Making my favorites of 2013, your new discoveries for 2014!

So here you have it – My 13 Faves of 2013…

1. Udos Oil_everything in life grows, 2013 favoritessUdo’s DHA Oil 3.6.9 Blend of Omega Fatty Acids by Flora is UH-mazing!!!
It’s like fish oil without the fish. This plant based replacement does your brain and your body good and it’s totally vegan, soy & gluten free!
This supplement does come with a little friendly caution by yours truly – it tastes like crap, but the healthful results are so worth it.
Pretty much, if you can shoot back crappy tequila you can handle this amazing stuff. Just pour the recommended amount in a shot glass or mix into your favorite smoothie and call it a healthier day. Trust me on this one! Your hair, nails, and brain will thank you 🙂


calm meditation app, everything in life grows 2013 favorites

2. Calm Meditation App (currently only available on iPhone) provides guided meditations, on the go! You set the length and sounds to help get you in the perfect meditation mood.

Perfect for your very first meditation or your 100th! What’s even more great about this app is it’s FREE! And if you don’t have an iPhone, no worries. You can access the Calm website from your computer and enjoy a more calming life experience from your home or office. Now you have no excuse to not live a more Calm life this 2014… Enjoy!

spaghetti squash, everything in life grows 2013 favorites

3. Spaghetti Squash … Life or Spaghetti will never be the same! The trippiest part about this is you’ll leave the dinner table feeling light and far from tired or bloated. Your taste buds will crave more while your mind plays good carbs vs bad carbs tricks on you.

  • Pre-heat oven to 375°
  • Slice your squash vertically from top to bottom
  • Scoop out “guts” and seeds from the squash, and rub the sliced pieces with 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil and season with pink salt & black pepper.
  • Add about 1/2 inch water to your baking pan and place squash face down (skin facing up). Pop into the oven for 45mins.
  • When the bell chimes, carefully flip your squash over, grab a fork and scrape the insides which will now create your healthier & delicious “noodles”

Top with your favorite sauce, meats, veggies, parmesan cheese and say farewell to those heavy pasta dinners!

30day-squat-challenge-chart14. 30 Day Squat Challenge… If you’re looking for a butt lift or slimmer thighs, this is a great and free way to go.        
My butt, legs, thighs never looked so good and being able to do 250 squats by day 30 leaves you with a hot and sexy self-esteem boost!

Start this challenge on January 1st and you’ll be rockin’ those bikini bottoms by Summer!




sacha-inchi, saaviseed, everything in life grows 2013 favorites5. Sacha Inchi aka “Saavi Seed” is like natures Prozac without all the harmful side effects!
I’ve recommended this mood stabilizing food to a couple of my personal clients… Whether they follow this tip or not is another story, but it’s definitely worth a try!
This super seed is grown in the Amazon rainforest in Peru and is packed with healthy fats and proteins making this great & healthy snack an absolute must for your every day life.
Click HERE to check out the selection currently available to you and start improving the quality of your life… Naturally!

6. My most favorite quote of the year:
jim rohn quote, everything in life grows, 2013 favorites If you’ve spent the year wondering why things haven’t changed for the better, maybe it’s time to evaluate the FIVE people you are choosing to spend most of your time with.
This is not about blaming others for your problems. Rather it’s an opportunity to look at things from a new perspective and decide what you can do to change a few things…for the better!
If you want to stop drinking, start eating healthier, or minimize negativity from your life then you might want to take a long, hard, judgement-free look at your drinking buddies, your foodie friends and the drama queens that surround your life.
Whatever you do just remember, this is not about blaming others for what has not changed or improved in your life. Don’t play the blame game and don’t be afraid to step it up for your life!

sage organic vegan bistro, everything in life grows 2013 favorites
7. Sage Organic Vegan Bistro
Seriously guys, this place is DELICIOUS!!!
There are two locations in the L.A. area – one in Echo Park on Sunset Blvd (which I’ve yet to visit) and another in Culver City on Sepulveda.
Sage’s motto is “farm to table” so that means you are getting local, fresh food, made with cruelty-free, LOVE!
I must admit, the menu is a tad overwhelming, but that’s mostly because the selection of food is to die for! Not only is the entire menu vegan and organic, but they also have stellar gluten free options too! This means you get to eat more than a salad 🙂
Not only are the food & dessert menus absolutely delicious, so is their cocktail menu! Beautifully made organic cocktails, from fresh squeezed juices, served to perfection. You can’t beat that!
My menu faves so far are the “buffalo wings” for appetizer and Butternut Squash Ravioli for din.
This is a place even your meat eater friends will dig! Support the locals and dine here, soon!!
Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

30day-plank-challenge-chart8. 30 Day Plank Challenge
Looking for a “simple” way to strengthen your body? Start here!
This seemingly simple exercise will without a doubt test your total body strength. Everything from your arms, shoulders, upper back, core, and legs will get nicely toned over the course of 30 days.
A definite outcome will be sexier shoulders!!

Although the goal is to get to a 5 minute plank pose by day 30, it actually took me about an extra week to get there.
As I’ve mentioned to clients who joined me on this challenge, breathe, go at your own pace, and always listen to your body. If you don’t hit the mark by day 30, keep going until you do. You will!

blends by M, everything in life grows 2013 favorites9. Blends by M
If you’re like me and enjoy taking long showers or simply babying your skin with beautifully made, intoxicating scented, natural products, then you will want to check out Blends by M!
Michelle is a local gal who creates her products using ingredients from all over the world.
The lavender soap is great for your entire body and will leave you feeling so calm & relaxed. You can happily step out the shower without having to apply any cremes or lotion at all.
My other favorite product is the Peppermint Mud Pot from the Dead Sea in Israel. Use on your face, neck, anywhere that requires a bit of natural rejuvenation. You can follow Blends by M on Facebook or visit the line of handcrafted products at

Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village
10. New York City
My first visit ever was in April 2013 for my birthday and I absolutely fell in love!!!
The energy, the lights, the people, the FOOD, the late business hours, the walking, the cabs, the subs, the buildings, eat a pizza, enjoy a sweet treat, eat fresh baked bread, don’t worry you can walk it off later – seriously, what’s there not to love about this city?!
My recommendations for anyone who visits is use AirBnB to find a pad to rent in Manhattan. Wear extremely comfortable shoes and walk the city to really appreciate every bit of it. Have lunch in Central Park. Get yelled at by a cabbie. Use the subway for a cheaper & quick trip. Indulge in all the cultural foods – UH-mazing!!! Enjoy a late night meal. Walk the Hudson. Check out the Brooklyn Bridge, and if you find yourself in the Upper West Side, stop into Health Nuts market, juice bar, and deli on 99th & Broadway for a healthy pick me up. New York City, be about it!

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology _ everything in life grows 2013 favorites11. Vegan Shakeology
For about $4 a day, which is probably how much you spend on your morning latte and less than you spend on lunch, you can lose weight, lose unhealthy sugar cravings, lose inches around your waist, feel energized, focused, and totally fulfilled all by adding this shake to your daily life!
Honestly, Shakeology never appealed to me until they came out with a Vegan version that is loaded with superfoods, including two of my favorites, Cacao and Saavi Seed! This shake is a total mood replacement in a bag!
Not only did I lose extra weight within the first week of drinking, my skin also improved. For the first time in my life I have been able to rock my look without wearing makeup every, single, day. Pretty awesome stuff and definitely worth a try.
You’ll get way more than you bargained for in this bag – no doubt!

Reiki, everything in life grows 2013 favorite12. Reiki
If you’ve never heard of Reiki, it is a natural healing technique that is based on channeling energy into the person receiving reiki. You activate natural healing by touch or hovering your hands over the person receiving new, clean, revitalizing energy.
A complete natural and out of this world experience that will restore physical and emotional well-being, if you’re open to receiving it.
After receiving reiki for the first time I left feeling light, happier and tuned in. Almost like what your car feels like after you give it an oil change, tune up, and wash. It’s such a simple thing to offer yourself no matter how great your life is going 🙂
Look out for Reiki services to be added to my existing Health Coaching practice this 2014!!!

gabrielle-bernstein-may-cause-miracles, everything in life grows 2013 favorites13. May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein
Let me just start by saying, I LUV this girl!!!
Gabriel Bernstein is real, honest, raw at times, completely unapologetic, fashionable, artistic, funny, spiritual, and a totally inspiring female entrepreneur who will help you rock your self-esteem!
This book is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and her book alone has helped me navigate through stuff that I had no idea was holding me back. From my relationship with money to my relationship with my Mom; this book forced me to not lie to myself and move through blockages I thought I had already moved through or didn’t even know existed.
Like most things in life, you get what you put in. So if you decide to dive into this book, you gotta commit. Go at your pace, even if that means 50 days or 60 days. Just stick to the practice, let your stuff come up, be honest with yourself, do the exercises and start living your life with a shinier and fulfilling purpose… Get your copy HERE

And there you have it party people, My 13 FAVES of 2013!!!
Everything on this list helped me grow spiritually & mentally, helped further improve the quality of my health and overall well-being, helped open me up to new experiences or ways of viewing all of life, helped create new, happier memories and they all helped me further grow as a person, a partner and a health coach 🙂
So many great experiences have unfolded this year, mostly because I learned to get out of the way.
Hope this list helps YOU create a healthier, happier life in 2014!

Everything In Life Grows turns ONE January 2014!
As my token of appreciation, love, and ultimate gratitude, I am offering the 1st session FREE to anyone who signs up to the coaching program in the month of January!!!
Contact me Here and let’s start the New Year with a new You…because YOU are worth it!

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