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5 Tips to Naturally Heal Your Dog’s Allergies

1043_10151186129219666_240914588_nMeet Snowflake!
She’s super sweet, super fun, super loving, and my partner and I super-duper love sharing her.
Unfortunately, Snowflake’s skin and food allergies love sharing her too…

If your four-legged companion is anything like Snowflake, then your pup is probably dealing with dry, red, irritated skin or hair loss around the eyes and nose.
Itchy, dry, irritated ears that sometimes produce an overgrowth of yeast.
Irregular bowel movements or a gurgly belly after digesting very specific types of foods.
Or sometimes you may catch your fur baby obsessively scratching or gnawing on their cute little (or gigantic) paws.

If this sounds familiar you are probably dealing with some major allergy issues as well as a bit of anxiety –
not you, your pup!

After doing some homework and taking into consideration how certain foods can affect us humans –
everything from dry itchy skin, to breakouts, to hypertension, to major indigestion; my partner and I decided to apply the same rules to Snowflake.
Allowing food to be thy medicine!
Almost 1 1/2 years later, we have Snowflakes skin and food allergies about 98% under control and we did it all, naturally! 🙂

To save you the time and headache, below are tips from our home to yours to naturally navigate and eventually heal your dog’s food allergies and sensitivities, too:

  1. Switch to a 100% Grain Free/Gluten Free Food – Just like us human and most animals on the planet, our bodies are not designed to process and digest large amounts of wheat (gluten), rice or corn (just to name a few). Most grains are incredibly hard to digest causing irregular bowels, skin dryness or inflammation, and emotional upset. Also, most  grains are highly contaminated with pesticides and are mostly genetically modified, these can eventually cause bigger and unfamiliar issues down the road.
  2. Eliminate Sugary Foods – Take diabetes or acne into consideration… There are very specific foods, although pure and natural, that should be minimized or completely eliminated to help control these issues. Now apply the same rule to your dog especially if they are dealing with ear infections and/or too much yeast which causes them to compulsively scratch their ears, rub their ears on the ground, or shake their head like a polaroid picture. You want to look at ingredients such as: carrots, bananas and apples which are very popular dog food ingredients in ‘natural’ dog foods, but naturally contain lots of natural sugars. So take them out.
  3. Bring on the Fat – Healthy fat that is! Stuff like avocados, seeds, and fish oil are all great, healthy fats that can help maintain a healthy weight, keep hair shiny, skin glowing, nails strong, and eyes in sharp focus. Not only can healthy fats keep your pooch lookin’ good on the outside, they also keep them feelin’ greater on the inside making way for healthy blood flow and joint mobility.
    Make sure you and your pup are getting enough healthy fats to maintain a healthy lifestyle!
  4. Not all Meats are Created Equally – Consider the variety of meats that are available to us today and in most dog foods… Some are dry and flaky while others are fuller and naturally oily. If your dog is dealing with more red, itchy, dry, irritated skin, would you also want to feed your pup a less oily and dry meat such as chicken? NO!!! You want to go to the most oily meats available, Duck or Salmon. These contain lots of oil which in turn lubricate your pups skin from the inside out.
  5. Soy – Unless it’s organic, keep it out of your food and your dogs food. Simple and to the point.

    There you have it! Some very easy & simple tips to heal your dog with food being the medicine.
    If we can do it with our own bodies, we can also do it with our four legged companions.

    What you bathe your dog with and living conditions also contribute to the overall health and well-being of your dog, but we’ll leave that for another day. For now, start with what goes in their belly and slowly start healing your dog from the inside out.

    Bottom line, you want to provide your dog with food that is simple to understand, made with the purest ingredients, is free of artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, and has specific ingredients to better support the health of your dog. Make sure treats are just as good and healthy as their food, too.

    If you’re interested in what Snowflake is eating these day to keep her skin and yeast in her ears under control, and keep her anxiety & belly in full check, the brand of choice at this point is, Wellness Simple Grain Free Salmon & Potato Formula

    And because we love rewarding Snowflake for her good behavior, we’ve completely eliminated carrots and switched to Canidae Grain Free Biscuits with Duck & Chickpeas.
    Honestly, if I wasn’t almost vegan, I’d probably try these biscuits myself since they are made with pure & simple ingredients.

    Remember to give your dog plenty of exercise, fresh water, a warm place to sleep, keep their ears & gums clean and healthy, and give them lots of extra unconditional love. They would do the same for you!

    Now I’d love to hear and learn from You! 
    If you have any healthful tips or favorite brands you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below 🙂

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