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A Love Note… To Your Younger Self

I came across this exercise on Kris Carr’s website thinking,
“oh how fun! this sounds like such a cute idea!”
and although I did feel that way as I reached for a small note card to write a message to my younger self,
more specifically to my 5 year old self (why that age??), but as the pen hit the paper, I suddenly realized this is gonna get deep.

The first couple lines practically wrote themselves. I stared back feeling a bit surprised…
I kept writing to offer more support, guidance, and truth to the 5 year old little girl in me that ran scared for years, and still might be in some ways.
I kept this message short and sweet. After all, kids do have short attention spans – squirrel!
Letter to Younger Self
As I re-read what I’d just written to my younger self, tears quickly filled my eyes and I sobbed for the little girl who didn’t know any different

I am keeping this message written to myself for the rest of my life. It holds so much truth and is a gentle reminder for me in this life… And if I ever see a little girl, who reminds me too much of the my younger self who simply needed a hug, or a word of encouragement, or just someone to listen to a few creative words and random speech ~ I will pass this message along to her to let her know she doesn’t have to wait or change or cater or explain or excuse who she is, no matter how many times who she is, is different from who she was 5 minutes ago.

With Love,
My Older Self

P.S. I would love for you to try this out for yourself 🙂
Share your love note to your younger self in the comments below and we’ll connect soon!

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