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Happy Earth Day!

This big, beautiful, planet we all call home provides us with all the basics we need in life in order to not only survive, but THRIVE! Truthfully Mother Earth deserves more than just 24hrs of celebration. Collectively if we all do our part to be a bit more mindful of our actions on this planet,… Read More Happy Earth Day!

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5 Tips to Naturally Heal Your Dog’s Allergies

Meet Snowflake! She’s super sweet, super fun, super loving, and my partner and I super-duper love sharing her. Unfortunately, Snowflake’s skin and food allergies love sharing her too… If your four-legged companion is anything like Snowflake, then your pup is probably dealing with dry, red, irritated skin or hair loss around the eyes and nose.… Read More 5 Tips to Naturally Heal Your Dog’s Allergies

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Gratitude Jar

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hope you all had a super amazing and extra memorable celebration with friends & family upon entering a brand new year. So much to be thankful for already and we are only on day two of 2014, with 363 days left to create more super amazing and extra special memories. The problem… Read More Gratitude Jar