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Happy Earth Day!


This big, beautiful, planet we all call home provides us with all the basics we need in life in order to not only survive, but THRIVE!

Truthfully Mother Earth deserves more than just 24hrs of celebration.

Collectively if we all do our part to be a bit more mindful of our actions on this planet, if even for just one entire day, that collective energy could create a healing ripple far beyond you and me…


Most of us think so little of the effects from our actions. But everything we do and everything we think while alive; filled with life force energy on this planet vibrates or ripples out to the closest living organism next to us. Whether that be a person, an animal, or even a plant. We all absorb energy from the ground up and to one another. So what if the greatest gift you could ever give someone (or the planet) down to a very personal, cellular level was something like… positive, healing energy? Imagine if we all gave and received positive, healing energy; all the while Mother Earth is absorbing this renewing and loving energy… What would happen?

Even if just you, you being the living, breathing, organism reading each and every one of these words – what if YOU lived the next 24hrs with nothing but mindful, positive intentions, not only for  yourself but for the greater good of society as a whole.

Think one person can’t make a difference?

Mother Theresa… Martin Luther King, Jr… Mahatma Gandhi… “Amma”…

One person always does.

One person. Big world. Huge impact. How can you live the next 24hrs differently than you do day in and day out with more mindfulness and respect to the piece of earth you live and travel on?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Petros – Fuel up your gas tank TODAY and do not visit any gas station for the next 48hrs
  2. Public Transportation System – Learn your community’s PTS and plan your commute to work/school today so that you can successfully travel to your Earth Day destination without a hitch
  3. Ride Share – Pick up co-workers, school buds, or friends along the way! Less cars on the road means less traffic and cleaner air. You can also download this FREE ride sharing app straight to your phone, leave your car at home, and request a lift from a pink, mustache wearing, automobile: Lyft App
  4. Go Gas Free – Is your bike, skateboard, or rollerskates/blades collecting dust? Use MapQuest to map your route with the wheels of your choice to provide you with a perfect ETA and plan your travel wisely… Don’t forget to protect your noggin’ – wear a helmet!
  5. Chevrolegs – These were made for walkin’! Just put one foot in front of the other and strut yourself to whatever destination like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! Yowza 😀
  6. Reusable Products – For just one day use reusable grocery bags over plastic or paper, food containers over plastic wrap/bags, reusable beverage containers over disposable cups, and cloth napkins over paper. The amount of waste by the end of the day will be slim to none!
  7. Water – Less is more for your neighbors, the planet, and generations to come. Be mindful of the amount of water you allow flowing out the faucet while washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower.
  8. Wear Cotton – Feel free, light, and airy with an Earth friendly, cotton ensemble! Your skin will thank you 🙂
  9. AC/Heater – Feeling a bit overheated? Open the windows, sit in the shade, drink water, eat fruit, remove a layer of clothes, jump into the ocean or take a quick cold shower. Feeling a bit chilly? Close the doors and windows, eat or drink something warm, layer on clothes, grab an extra blanket, take a hot bath.
  10. Electricity – If you’re not using an electronic device, shut it down and unplug it from the socket. If you walk out a room, turn off the light. Preparing a meal, close the refrigerator door. Simple!
  11. Give Back and Get Dirty – Mother Earth gives us so much without question, give her something back! Plant a tree, grow an herb or veggie garden, plant some flowers (Tip: Perennials last all year long with some TLC. Annuals only last for a season and then kick the bucket). Basically, give some life back to Mother Nature or even yourself! A new plant or flower to care for and admire can uplift your mood and energy. A happier YOU means a happier Me. Give it a try!
  12. Shop & Eat Local – For this entire week, visit a local farmers market instead of stopping by a big chain, super market. Shopping from your local grower means you are supporting someone from your community, who is also supporting you with their farm-to-table fruits & veggies.
  13. Quit Smoking – Ditch this habit for just ONE day! Less toxic fumes for you, means less toxic fumes for the environment and others around you along with less trash that will litter the ocean at some point.
  14. 24hr Vegetarian – Thousands of animals are treated poorly every single day, and inhumanely slaughtered to become breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not only are innocent lives being lost, but the amount of cattle raised to support the demand is depleting the ozone layer faster than automobiles on the road. I promise you’ll survive just fine if you choose to go without red meat, poultry, and even fish for the next 24hrs. Your body will thank you – bonus!

There are so many ways to get along with the planet and all of life that surrounds you.canstockphoto4126878 (1)

What will you do on this Earth Day to celebrate all species of life and make is so that You and I can healthfully live a long, peaceful, and sustainable life for generations to come?

Happy Earth Day!

Xo ~Health Coach, Lisa’Grows’






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