Drink Up!

unhealthy-soft-drinksSummer’s almost here and for YOU that means drinking more ______________________ (fill in the blank)!

I’m sure for most of you this means drinking more water, right?

Nothin’ beats that good ol’fashion clean, pure, tamper free stuff brought to you by Mother Nature herself 🙂 Stay thirsty-free by drinking half you body weight in ounces each day, especially during the hot summer months.

For the rest of you, summer might mean lounging under the sun, sipping on a colorful fruity beverage, flavored carbonated drink, or something that ends with tomorrows hangover to stay cool during the long, hot, summer days. Sounds awesome! But for now let’s talk about the all american favorite, SODA POP! 

Americans consume 526 cans of sugary soda pop per year. Now if you’re the type to count calories that equals to about 6,000 calories each month just on soda. In pounds that translates to 21 LBs over the course of one year. Say hello to Obesity and it’s partner in crime, Diabetes. Care to see just how soda affects your body –> click here!

If you think you’re in the clear because your pop comes “sugar free”, think again! Artificial sweeteners can do just as much damage. Aspartame and Sucralose are common artificial sweeteners you can find right on the ingredient label along with the ever popular, Splenda!
Artificial sweeteners, just like real sugar can cause weight gain and sickness too. So rather than risk your health and cause further dehydration this upcoming summer, try adding in a couple glasses of water a day. See if you notice a difference not only with your thirst, but also with you energy levels too. 

This summer, don’t become a statistic!
Be cool, like the Fonze 
and drink up a few glasses of refreshing water and say, “Eyyyyyy!!!” to your hydrated health!







Peace, Love, Water!
~LisaGrows, CHHC


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