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Foot Love! Home Remedy for those tired, aching, feet!

On a most recent trip to New York City, I became pretty chummy with some major and unexpected foot cramping. Most likely due to walking way more miles than I’m used to in a given day, combined with improper shoe wear and hydration.

Unless you’re lazing beachside at some amazing tropical resort, coming into close contact -in the middle of a heavy foot patrolled sightseeing extravaganza- with any kind of foot or leg joint issue is the last thing you wanna add into your vacation memory bank.

If you’re like me, and won’t let a silly little thing like foot cramping (far from silly, actually mean and painful!!!) keep you from exploring all of Manhattan, then you’ll also come home to a wee more foot trauma than you originally began with. OoOo-Wee!

Whether you’ve experienced such aches on occasion or on a regular basis, here goes my home remedy to sooth those aching feet and get you back into foot peddling action!

Step 1: Foot Soak for 20-30mins

– Warm Water
– Epsom Salt 1/2 cup
– ACV 1/2 cup
– Ginger Root ~ 2 knuckles peeled and sliced

Step 2: Hot & Cold Compresses
Sit back, relax, and elevate your feet for at least 30 minutes, alternating hot and cold compresses.
For heat use a heating pad, hot water bottle, or warm wash cloth then alternate with an ice pack.
Be sure to warm or ice directly on the arch or ankle for maximum foot love!

Step 3: Foot Rub
Massage your feet, or if you’re within good company have your feet massaged for you 🙂
Be sure to rub from shin to your big toe. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if necessary.

While resting your twinkle toes; drink plenty of water.
With proper R&R you’re feet will be back in action in no time!

Before running off to your next heavily foot patrolled adventure, be sure to have your feet
properly suited first!
As for what shoe brand is the best way to go? I’ve yet to discover this myself.

If YOU have any shoe tips or favorites you’d like to share with us walking-shoes newbies, please do!
Would be great to hear from you!!

Catch ya where the sidewalk ends…or maybe where it begins!
~LisaGrows, CHHC

p.s. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram where you can see a few photos of my most recent New York adventure! 

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