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Gratitude Jar


Hope you all had a super amazing and extra memorable celebration with friends & family upon entering a brand new year.
So much to be thankful for already and we are only on day two of 2014, with 363 days left to create more super amazing and extra special memories.
The problem with so many days to create so many special memories is that we tend to forget about all the super amazing and extra memorable moments that mean so much to us (in the moment) as we roll through life.

Rather than experience another year where we have forgotten about all the good stuff and focus on all the not-so-good-stuff, let’s create a practice that will ensure by the end of this fabulous year, that we actually remember all the fabulous moments
as they unfold.

I present to you, the Gratitude Jar!
Gratitude Jar, Everything In Life Grows

Just get any old jar big enough to collect a years worth of memories in, and place it somewhere in your home where you can see it.

Every time you experience a moment in life that filled you up with love, that made you laugh so hard you cried, that left you sweetly speechless, that made you wish you could hug all of life, that left you wishing you could relive that exact moment for the rest of your life because it was so amazingly awesome, each time you complete a goal, finish something you started, make a life changing step in a new, positive and healthier direction, try something new, travel, chop your hair off, have a meaningful conversation – pretty much all those special moments in life we don’t relish long enough in because we are so busy getting to the next thing, and the next thing.

Don’t let another year of wonderful memories be taken for granted.
Each time you experience something that you know is worth remembering always, write it down – anywhere!
Grab a receipt, a napkin, tear a piece of paper and write down the date along with that extra special memory for you to remember always and stick it in the jar.
everything in life grows, gratitude jar, note
At the end of the year, once you’ve given all your hugs & kisses for the New Year, go to your jar to revisit all the amazing moments you actually lived and experienced over the last year.
The memories will feel so real you can almost taste them and you my dear friend will be reminded that you just lived 365 days filled with one amazing moment after the next. You will be reminded that you have so much to be grateful for and that your life, is most definitely worth living!

Don’t put this off until tomorrow or this weekend. Just grab a jar, write your first gratitude note – something like,
“January 2, 2014 – created my very first Gratitude Jar to remember all the good stuff. I look forward to revisiting it all this time next year. Thanks Everything In Life Grows! P.S. Happy New Year!”

Enjoy the memories and enjoy this new year! Besides, you only get to live it once. Make it count!

I hope you enjoy this practice and look forward to seeing all your Gratitude Jars next year.
Wishing you Health, Love, Happiness and so much to be grateful for in 2014… Happy New Year!

Lisa”Grows”, CHHC

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