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How to Live 7 1/2 Years Longer

It’s no secret. glass-half-full
People who live with a positive outlook live 7 1/2 years longer.

Research shows that not only having an optimistic perspective on life, but also welcoming the aging process with great, big, open arms can actually add more years to your life.

If you think eating healthy and exercising everyday is all you need to live a long, happy life.
Think again…and this time think positively!

Research also shows that people suffering with heart disease and cancer live longer than the expiration date given by doctors, so long as their outlook is a positive one. This is also true for a lingering cold or flu. Keeping a positive perspective no matter what is going on in your life can seriously turn things around in more ways than one. 

Your thoughts, words, behavior, and of course attitude all tie in
to creating a positive outlook.
If you want to add 7 1/2 positive years to your life, don’t wait around with a pessimistic attitude for something good to happen to start living a positive life.

Start now!

Take a look around you…

What’s going good?
What are three things you can be grateful for?

Where’s one area in your life where you can start being more positive or optimistic?

Retraining your mind to look for the good things going on in your life, acknowlding what is going well in your life, embracing every bit of goodness that happens in your day can create a positive outlook in your current life and in those extra 7 1/2 years you so positively earned.

If you still can’t seem to find a reason to be just a bit more positive in your life, then laugh.
LAUGH out loud until you’ve finally convinced your mind and body that there really is a reason in your precious life to laugh and boom – a positive outlook has been created. 
You can thank me later 🙂

May your glass always be half full…
~LisaGrows, CHHC

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