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Impermanence, the only thing that is real…

impermanence, everything in life grows, lisa growsOkay maybe not the only thing, but impermanence is very real.

In fact, it’s the only thing that is real aside from this very moment which itself will pass leading into another very impermanent moment in time. Your life, this life is fleeting. It all passes like clouds, like seasons, constantly changing always on course to a new path of lessons, growth and memories. All one can do is live presently, be willing and open to everything, the good and not so good, and continue loving along the way. The abundant lessons learnt in such a short time period in this life leave me overwhelmed with exhaustion… How much must one endure to continue pursuing the path of truth, enlightenment, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, and so much more… And even all that is impermanent leading to a greater awakened mind, heart, and path. Don’t cling to life, but do hang on when the tide is high and the only thing keeping you afloat is your willingness to not give up, on yourself, on your life.


People will let you down – move on.

People will hurt you – move on.

People will love you – let them, accept it, but don’t count on it.

All is impermanent. All is passing. All is nothing more than the moment laid out right in front of you so look up, face it all, embrace it, knowing that where you are right now, here, this moment, today is due to all the choices you’ve made in the moments before… Life is very real, when you’re living it. So live it honorably, keep your loyalties high & strong, expect nothing, accept everything, trust the process, trust life, and know that this too shall pass for it is all so fucking impermanent.

Thoughts in my mind.

Life unfolding as it is meant to.

Laugh Loud.

Dance Hard.

Love Fully.

Lessons, undoubtedly.

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