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Let Go, Let Live, Let Love

let go IG imageThis past weekend I held the first ever, “Let Go” workshop, which by the end felt more like a sisterhood powwow and it was Uh-MAZING!

“Let Go” is based around the idea of Spring Cleaning, except you don’t have to wait for Spring and you don’t have to only clear out and ‘let go’ of household junk! At this powwow you LET GO of emotional junk, too. You know, all that stuff taking up space in your internal home – collecting dust while tucked away oh-so perfectly under thick, intricate cobwebs. Our collective intention was to let go of one piece or bit of summertime baggage as we transition from long summer days to cozy fall nights.

We shared, we expanded, we supported, we game planned, and we LET GO by means of burning, popping, and blowing away (with love) that which no longer serves or supports us on this charming journey called, Life…

Personally, I had no idea what I wanted to let go of until the morning of the workshop. I knew it clearly – drinking!

Not that today I have a drinking problem, but almost 4 years ago I most certainly did. And it’s because of that drinking problem, I slowly began recognizing some very familiar patterns surfacing today.

A few years ago drinking was a coping mechanism that “helped” me deal with everything from a stressful day at the office, to awkward social events, to having to face my everyday dramatic life, to distracting me from boredom, sadness, depression, or simply keep me company – total unhealthy escape!
Obviously my relationship with alcohol wasn’t a very healthy one and it had me under control – not the other way around.

Today I don’t even go near a drink if I’m feeling even the slightest bit off. If there’s reason for me to feel any ounce of upset, negative emotion, any level of funk, then there is zero drinking for me! That is one rule I live by. The other rule has been to be okay and in control while enjoying a drink or two with friends or loved ones over dinner or a nice outing with no aggression, just ease.

The pickle I recently found myself in is realizing even responsible social drinking can easily become a frequent event as the celebration of life, love, happiness start to unravel faster than you can sip. With so much celebration in my life’s party going on this year alone, I have noticed drinking has become a common experience, which has also lead to surpassing my two drink limit. Having a drink every time there’s reason to celebrate is no different than having a drink every time you have a long, hard day. Quite easily I can become a very happy drunk if not careful. So, to be sure I remain free of being any sort of drunk, I eagerly made the decision to LET GO of drinking till the end of 2014.

This does not mean soon as 2015 hits I’m popping open bottles of champagne to celebrate. Might I just add, this also does not mean I am now a complete bore and have lost all levels of fun. Truthfully, people have sometimes thought I was a bit tipsy when I was completely sober because to have a good time today, I don’t need a drink. I’m naturally and happily cray cray and even one glass of anything amplifies that. So a good time without a drink is not lost 😀

By 2015 my hope is to have learned about myself a bit more, worked on me a bit more, and see how I’ve grown a bit more in the next few months, and mindfully decide if I am in the drivers seat enough to simply enjoy one gracious glass of wine over a beautiful, mindful dinner or not. All with no reason to celebrate and no reason to cry, just because I can, want to, trust, and respect myself enough to keep it under a healthy, conscious, control – my control.

Today is Day 3 of absolutely no drinking and I am SO excited to see how this unfolds and further changes my life.

Here’s to the beautiful women who joined me on Saturday and went through the (e)motions. It was a cherry on top to not only witness but feel the energetic shift by the end of our burning, popping, and blowing away of that which no longer serves us. A group of grown, independent women, running around, laughing, playing, being silly, careless, and childlike… In other words, free.
Best of luck to You! Remember to reach out to your accountability partners this week, keep your focus on that plan of action, and remind yourself every moment of every day if you have to that you are doing this for the one and only you, that’s all that really matters, and all that really should.

Let Go, Let Live, Let Love and see you at the next Let Go Powwow December 21st!
I heart Chickpeas
Health Coach Lisa Grows

2 comments on “Let Go, Let Live, Let Love

  1. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you for organizing this awesome pow wow. It was so great to experience this and get connected with ourselves AND others during this time. Love the accountability partners too. I look forward in future “Let Go” get togethers.


    • So happy you could make it and even happier you enjoyed it! I too look forward to many more “Let Go” Powwows with you and many others… May the power of letting go expand far greater than you and me. Peace & Love!

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