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Natural DIY Beauty Secrets

Beauty-ProductsIt’s no secret that we ladies tend to drop a nice chunk of change on all things beauty, self-care, and maintenance. Being able to afford the latest beauty craze can become such a priority; completely overriding your financial and emotional well-being to the point when how you look on the outside becomes a complete facade to how you really feel on the inside…

And OK, I get it! Looking great is important but feeling great no matter how you look on the outside is PRICELESS!

So to help you save your skin and wallet from all those super toxic and expensive beauty products, below are a few ‘do it yourself’ beauty secrets that I actually use and am so excited to finally share with you all!


Baking Soda
Baking Soda – Price .99 cents

Baking Soda is not just to freshen up your fridge or sprinkle into that batter of homemade gluten-free pancakes!

  • Teeth – put a nice amount of baking soda on a wet toothbrush and gently brush those pearly whites. Add some pizzazz and mash up 1 strawberry and mix the two for a yummier and brighter smile 😀
  • Deodorizer –  before jumping out the shower, gently scrub your underarms and let set for a few minutes. This will keep you smelling fresher longer whether you use no deo or have issues smelling fresh while using a natural deo. Trust me, this helps!
  • Facial Scrub – gently use as a face & body scrub to help clean out clogged pores or remove excess makeup.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar – Price $3.50-$5.00
  • Astringent – Mix 1 part ACV with 2 parts water. Using a cotton ball apply on your face and rinse after 5 minutes. This helps calm acne and inflammation while also cooling the skin to help decrease the size of enlarged pores.
  • Healthy Cocktail – drink one glass of ACV after every meal to help lower cholesterol and excess weight. Recipe can be found on the bottle of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Hair-apy – Mix 1 part ACV with 1 part warm water. Apply to hair from root to tip and let sit for a couple minutes. Rinse and wash with shampoo or fully embrace that vinegar scent and let the ACV do it’s volumizing, glistening magic all on it’s own!


Trader Joe's Coconut Oil
Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil – $5.99
  • Make Up Remover – smudge a little bit on your finger tips, cotton ball or wash cloth and use to gently wipe off make up before and/or after washing your gorgeous face 😀
  • Body Creme – dry, cracked skin? Smudge this all over your feet, legs, hands, and cuticles
  • Lip Balm – revive cracked lips by dabbling just a tiny bit and you are good to go! Store a spoonful in a tiny (air-tight) container to carry with you wherever ya go!




Olive Oil
Olive Oil –  $1 – $20
  • Body Oil – after you shower, lock in moisture and keep your gorgeous skin from drying out by lathering your body in olive oil from head to toe while your skin is still slightly damp.
    (Do not apply while in shower – SLIPPERY!!!)
  • Frizzy Hair – warm a very small amount in the microwave then add to the tips of your hair for added shine.




Sugar Body Scrub - $$ varies
Sugar Body Scrub – $3 – $15

A recipe that really calls for white, refined sugar? Say whaaat?!

  • Sugar Scrub – combine 2 equal parts of brown sugar & white sugar, mix with 1 part olive or liquid coconut oil. If using olive oil add a few drops of your favorite essence – lavender to calm or peppermint to stimulate. A great homemade recipe to use during the summertime to gently remove dead skin cells and soften dry feet.






Face Mask
Face Mask – $$ Varies
  • Avocado – mash 1 ripe avocado and mix in 1 teaspoon honey & 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Apply to face & neck to moisturize, clear, and remove dead skin. Let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Egg Whites – whip 1 egg white and apply to your face and neck to tighten and brighten your skin. Leave on for 15-20mins and rinse with warm water


So you see, there are so many ways to naturally beautify yourself without breaking the bank! All you have to do is look behind your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator door and be willing to try something new, even if it’s not all the rage.

If you enjoy experimenting with these DIY beauty secrets, do some additional research and discover all the other amazing and natural uses food and condiments have to offer your skin & hair; these are only the few I have experimented with and found to really work 🙂

Health, Love, Happiness!

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