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Primo Cheap-o Summer Hacks

1. Coconut Oil
A natural SPF – coconut oil gives you a solid 45 minutes of natural UV radiation protection of up to 75% !!
Not only does coconut oil protect your skin, it offers a high gloss, photoshoot ready glow, that radiates both health and beauty.
Next time you’re cooking with coconut oil, be sure to lather some on your beautiful skin!

2. Infused Water lime waterHave a hard time consuming plain water?
Stay deliciously hydrated with infused water! Infused water offers healthy flavor, with great health benefits, and it doesn’t take much. Even something as simple as fresh sliced lemon, or lime, or both can provide that refreshing spa water flavor without breaking the bank. All the while keeping you cool, hydrated, fancy, and bonus – incredibly healthy!

To ensure you are drinking the right amount of water, divide your current body weight in half and convert that remaining number into ounces.
Example: 120lbs divided in half = 60 ounces of daily water consumption

3. Don’t Have A/C?

A fan and spray bottle is all you need!
No folks, I am not joking around here. The only room in my apartment that has A/C is my bedroom and as much as I would love to stay holed up in that icebox, I simply cannot. So until I have the financial means to install more A/C units throughout, I turn on my floor fan, lay back on my couch, and SPRAYYY in the direction of the fan so a wonderful, slightly chilly mist comes flowing back all over me.
It feels amazing and it is a really nice way to cool off for humans & pets alike. If you’re feeling extra hot, add crushed ice cubes into your spray bottle and let it snow, let is snow, let is snow…

4. Take a Cold Shower!

Young woman reacting in shock to cold shower water

This is kind of a no-brainer, yet people avoid it at all cost because why? It’s a cold shower. Trust me, tho I do this, I still dread the first few drops of water that shock my body from fire to ice. But with the recent heatwave that had temperatures hitting 102 -something I am definitely not used to- you better believe I jumped in the shower at least four times in one day. A quick, cold dip is all you need to lower your body temperature, contract your muscles, and reduce blood pressure throughout your body.
Not only will a quick, cold shower cool you off for about an hour tops, this practice of going from hot to cold intervals on hot as hell days will also improve your circulatory system, detox your organs, eliminate waste, and boost your immune system.
Quick. Cheap. Easy.

5. Cold Fruit
fruit fridgeDon’t wait for your fruit to ripen in your kitchen heat.
Buy fruit that is ripe and ready to eat! Store all that refreshingly juicy and tropical yumminess in your fridge for a great way to feed and cool down from the inside, out!
Unlike ice cream or popsicles, fresh cold fruit won’t raise your body temperature like all those added sugars can. From cold crip apples to a less than mellow yellow pineapple. Enjoy the summers fruity abundance!

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