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Relationships… Are You A Giver or A Taker?

Wait! Don’t answer that!

Better yet, don’t even compare the giving and taking in a relationship with another.
How about considering the giving and taking in the relationship with yourself? 

Where are you giving towards yourself?

Where are you taking from yourself?

In relationships we have a tendency to leave ourselves out of the equation and only want to
take, take, take from
 and give, give, give to our partner.  

You see, life is a game of balance and flow, as is every relationship we come in contact with.
When we learn to recognize the minute the relationship with ourself is out of balance,
the quicker we are to understand why the relationship with another is too.

Before giving to another, do a quick little check in and ask yourself:

Have I taken proper care of myself today, the way I know I could care for another?

Have I nurtured myself today, the way I know I could nurture another?

By not giving yourself exactly what you need to feel your absolute best, yet give exactly that
to another, you’ve already taken from yourself more than anyone else ever could. 

Make sense?

Play with this idea for a bit and hopefully you’ll come to some sort of understanding with the
giving and taking in the most important relationship you’ll ever come in close contact with,
the relationship with YOURSELF!

Now get out there and have a self-giving, self-loving, and self-nurturing day! 

Many Hugs!! 
~LisaGrows, CHHC

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“The most powerful relationship you will ever have, is the relationship with yourself.”

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