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So You Want to Be Happy…?

There is so much we all have in common. Two of the commonalities most of us share are:

  1. We all want to be happy.
  2. We’re not quite sure how to get there.

Happiness, as shocking as this may sound, isn’t a destination. It isn’t about “getting” to a certain point in life or arriving to some enchanted lands where you can finally breathe a big heavy sigh and say,
“Ahhhh, I finally made it! I can be happy now.”

Happiness also isn’t about finding that “perfect” relationship. Because the minute that perfect relationship has to leave out of town for a few days or decides to never come back, there goes your happiness straight out the door with that so-called “perfect” relationship.

Happiness also isn’t about owning named brand clothes, a dream home or car, a bigger salary, a great office view, expensive dinners, or owning the latest gadget… The minute someone else has a better car, a bigger salary, a better office view, a fancier dinner, or an exclusive gadget – you can wave goodbye to your happiness once again.

Sure you can travel somewhere, reach a milestone in life, find yourself in a “perfect” relationship where someone is “making” you happy, have enough money to buy everything you ever dreamed of, but this sort of happiness comes and goes along with everything else that is out of your reach and completely out of your control.

All these temporary forms of happiness can give you an awesome, happy-high, but the problem is that it never lasts as long as you want it to…or in some cases need it to. This is what I call, “short-lived happiness”. It only exists in people, places, or things that “make” you feel happy. Sure you can continue to find happiness that only lasts in the moment over and over again, but at some point you’ll get tired chasing after something and when that point comes – you’ll stop. Enter stagnation, bitterness, and unhappiness.

I’m here to tell YOU, happiness does not have to be temporary or short-lived. Happiness can be permanent and 100% sustainable! If you want to be happy -let me say that again- if you want to BE HAPPY, then you have got to stop looking at people, places, and things starting now! When you stop looking to people, places, things for happiness which can also turn into the blame game for making you feel unhappy, you have now taken control of your emotional happiness and are in full control of creating SUSTAINABLE HAPPINESS…FOR LIFE!

When you stop looking at people, places, and things for your happiness you find yourself with not many choices, so the decision of having to create happiness within yourself may come easy. When YOU create your happiness, no one and nothing can take this happiness away from you. By deciding you are happy just as you are; by deciding you don’t need anything or anyone else to “make” you happy – You are now in full control of your happiness and anything or anyone that adds to that happiness is no longer seen as your source of happiness but simply seen as a cherry on top! And because you have single handedly created happiness within yourself, if you happen to lose one of those cherries on top, you won’t lose your level of happiness because it is sustained within you and you all of a sudden find yourself living a life of abundant happiness! You are now radiating happiness, attracting happiness everywhere you go and happiness is no longer “something” someone else “has” but now a way of life, YOUR life!!!

How do I know this to be true? Because this has been my life for the last 2.5 years. No matter what may be happening on the surface part of my life, internally, I am still happy. When I am served some of life’s most bitter lemons, I am still  happy. Some of those cherries on top of my already happy life may dry and shrivel up, but my happiness does not… Truth! 🙂

Happiness is crucial to living a healthy life. The journey of letting go – no loner relying on outside sources to create and determine your happiness may not always be easy, so know that I am here and oh so happy to help guide the way!

Health, Love, Happiness…are waiting for you!
Schedule your free health consultation today… Let’s be happy 🙂

~LisaGrows, Certified Holistic Health Coach

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