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Social Media Detox

Please WATCH this video, then turn it off, step away from your computer or phone, and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

I am so guilty of this too, more now then ever with running my own holistic practice… But where are the boundaries (if you know me I am big on boundaries) for social media, electronic devices and home entertainment? How much of our miraculous life does it all have to consume before we really get on with LIVING?

I’m in the middle of several different commitments:

  • 40 day meditation practice
  • No Sugar, Dairy, Gluten until Summer (and I may keep going)
  • Working Out daily until Summer (and I may keep going)
  • AND NOW I am adding SOCIAL MEDIA and electronic devices to the list

Maybe I’ll finally get back to reading the several books I’ve started and the ones I am eagerly waiting to get to.

Maybe I’ll find extra time to workout, stretch, practice my headstands, or sit in silence and do absolutely nothing.

Maybe I’ll draw, write a poem, start that cookbook I’ve barely began to work on, or come up with the next brilliant workshop for my clients.

Maybe I’ll get to have an uninterrupted conversation with my partner; get to fully hear what is going on in her life, and actually look at her during a meal rather than seek the perfect angle of my dinner plate to share online.

Or maybe I’ll get to have a meaningful conversation about our life rather than have a conversation about someones else’s life being shared on Facebook.

Yes, sharing is inspiring and some of what you share helps me and I can only hope that some of what I share helps YOU!

But where do we draw the line? Should there be a limit as to how much inspiration we seek outside of ourselves, and how much we turn to OURSELVES and seek that inspiration within?

What excuses – better known as lies – have we chosen to believe to validate our social media lifestyle rather than social lifestyle. Media clearly stands in the way of having a real social life:Social Media Lifestyle (1)

So let me say this now…

To my clients who I care for dearly and support as much possible, when you text, or call, or email pass the 8 o’clock hour or reach out to me on a Sunday, know that I am not ignoring you, rather I am trying my absolute best to LIVE MY LIFE!

To my friends and family who I love and care for with all my of my heart, trust that I will respond to you on a new day, in a new time. If you need me, call me or even better – stop by and say, “HELLO” like we used to back in the day. Remember?

To everyone else, whether this effects you or not, is non of my concern. Caring what strangers think of what I share and how I live my life based off the number of likes, hearts, pins, shares, etc is no longer my concern. And I hope that no longer becomes any of your concern either.

Now I ask you to join me on this #SocialMediaDetox Movement

When is the last time you enjoyed a dinner, a movie, a date, Sunday service, a holiday, a vacation, a celebration, fill in the blank ________________ , without having to put your life experience on hold so that you can share it mostly with people you barely know now, and probably don’t ever see, or never have met with in person?

JOIN ME! How can you LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest with minimizing computers, cell phones, video games, movies, music, television, etc?

For me my commitment began the first day I saw this video on Tuesday May 6, 2014

My #SocialMediaDetox Commitment is to UNPLUG myself from social media and most if not all electronic devices daily at 8pm and fully on Sundays. Not only will this be my new commitment every evening and on Sundays, but this will also be my golden rule for Birthdays, Celebrations, Holidays, Vacations, you name it! I want to become the experience rather than be a fragmant of it. I want these experiences to fill me up rather than fill up the memory on my cell phone to the point where I have to delete these memories in order to temporarily record more. Insanity!

To record memories, I am going old school and using a handheld photographic camera. That’s right. One that which has no capability of interrupting my photo capturing memories with another social media update. Big *SIGH*…… Just writing about it and I already feel lighter in my body. Less tension knowing I don’t have to share every single meal in that instant, because truthfully, does it really matter? Will anyone really care that I didn’t share an image of my gluten free, vegan, donut while at the gluten free, vegan, donut shop?? Will it result in less hearts or likes? I don’t care enough to examine if it does or doesn’t.

I hope you take back your life and start living it with those beautiful chosen ones you’ve opted to not only share your life with on social media, but in person. Leave your phone behind. Get lost. Meet a stranger. Ask for help. Discover a new way. Make real memories for your memory to remember, not your phone.

“Give people your love, don’t give them your ‘like'”,

XoXo ~Lisa”Grows”, CHHC, RP I

p.s. If you do happen to know of a gluten free, vegan donut shop, please IM, email, FB message, tweet, or tag me the next time you’re there. I’ll check it out before 8pm or the day after Sunday 😀 Thank you!






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