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Spoiled Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

Spoiled lemons, unlike spoiled grapes, do not miraculously ferment and evolve into a yummy bottle of vino to dissolve life’s unavoidable trials and tribulations. No, no.

Life’s lemons just might taste a little better if they were always organic, always fresh, always local, perfect to juice each and every time, laced with an intoxicating fragrance to distract your mind and perhaps all your other senses.

Most importantly life’s lemons would be so fucking amazing if they arrived free of unexpected bullshit…

Life cannot fertilize your soul without a few spoiled lemons plopping onto your turf to ultimately feed, nourish, transform, and offer some form of growth juice to ultimately help you evolve and expand beyond the current state of mind & perspective.

Everything in life grows and your perfectly imperfect, beautiful messy life is no different.
In fact, it’s a demanding requirement and you have the choice to make the best bitterlicious lemonade out of them damaged lemons or have the rotten juices forced down your throat kicking and screaming.

The choice is yours.
When life hands you lemons,
what will you do… Better yet, what will you make?

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