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Spring Cleaning… The Relationship Edition

Lisa GrowsIf you’ve experienced Spring, then you’ve heard this before, “Love is in the air!”, all emphasising the rebirth of blossoming flowers, green leaf covered trees, new hatchlings, furry mammals crawling out their den; reconnecting, engaging, playing, prancing, dancing, all due to the fresh amount of Spring Love floating in the air and embracing everything it touches.

If you’ve experienced Spring, then you’ve also heard the term “Spring Cleaning” suggesting that it’s time to clear out all the junk that has piled up in your home over the chillier months… As life is springing forward in all of nature, we too begin cleaning out closets, garages, and finally tending to all those hard to reach places no one ever dares to look but once a year, maybe.

If you’ve experienced Spring, then you’ve also experienced Love. Am I right?
You know the Spring kind of Love that whisks you away like a dandelion caught in a sudden gust of wind…
The kind that comes in so fast, and carries you away in a full embrace before dropping you flat on your face prior to even getting to experience the warm, sunny rays of summer…
Or is that just me??

Why don’t we ever hear about the Spring Cleaning of old relationships? You know, the kind that have grown old and tired, completely lacking in preservatives and gone stale, ran out of love, or are just plain ol’toxic, yet no one thinks twice of cleaning up this corner of our lives.
Whether that means healing a relationship if it’s damaged just enough to be restored, or completely ending it – essentially clearing out the romantic clutter that no longer vibes us up with everything else that is springing up and forward around us. This is a form of Spring Cleaning people!

Why are we only encouraged to discard the pile of single socks and materialistic goods lying around our space when sometimes what needs to get taken out to the trash is the relationship we carry romantically or heck, even a shitty one with our self?

I am not here to rain on the Spring Love parade, although living in California I would if I could with the mega drought we’ve been experiencing, but I digress. What I am trying to say is we shouldn’t fear, be shamed or discouraged to look at the hard to reach places of our romantic relationships that are essentially weighing us down and holding us back in life. Why is there no protocol or handy-dandy guide to cleaning up this aspect of our life, yet we have a hundred and one ways to clean the dust off our blinds. What’s that all about?! Are dust free blinds going to help me see past the crappy relationship and suddenly make me and my respective boyfriend or girlfriend (because I swing both ways – don’t judge me) fall back in love with each other, or high-five as we make our mutual exits out the relationship??
Here’s the answer for you, NO!!!
None of that shit is!

I’m here to say this – Spring Cleaning goes far beyond your home and if you want to be happy,
like really, really, my-face-hurts-so-much-from-smiling happy, then take a look at your relationship.
If you’re happy in your personal life yet when you and your “love” come together you feel a piece of you whither away, then something has got to give. And yes, it may very well be the relationship!
Don’t be afraid to let go as it’s only keeping space where something, or in this case, someone else a little more permanent that resonates with you on a deeper more romantical and life goal oriented level could be chillin’ right at your side.

Spring Cleaning… It goes beyond your home or last years fashion trends. It begins and ends with you! Start with the relationship you carry with yourself, and see how it holds up when mixed with someone else.

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