St. Patty’s Day Lean, Green, Health Tips!


So with St. Patty’s Day landing it’s big, green, party hat on this lovely weekend, I thought it would be helpful to maybe share a few lean, green, health tips to make sure you not only survive the weekend, but thrive in it! Go green!!!


  1. GO GREEN and walk to your local bar! More than likely some,
    if not most of you will hit up a local bar and load up on Guinness or some other green colored beer, so I gotta say this ~ walk! Keep it local, keep it green, and save the life of a leprechaun while foot traveling. 
  2. You may want to dress in green for St. Patty’s Day but your liver does not, so do it a favor 
    (since it does several favors for you on a daily) and drink a glass of water in between pints of
    St. Patty’s Day brew. Don’t worry, the water will not get in the way of your buzz,
    so even if you
    must color your water green to stay with the theme, just do it. 
    Your liver will thank you!
  3. Everyone loves knocking back a good party shot. 
    So why not stick with the theme and knock back a shot of wheat grass while you’re at it! 

    Before your St. Patty’s Day party or after it, share a round of wheat grass with your friends. 

    It will clean, purify, and BOOST your immune system. And if you can’t stomach the taste of 
    grass because it reminds you too much of Goldschläger, then pair it up the way 
    a pro would,
    and mix with watermelon, grape, orange or apple juice.

I don’t want to lay on the green too thick, so I’ll just leave it at three tips.
But if you wanna go for gold, then be sure to add in a few bites of spinach, kale, or heck, throw your
greens in a blender and make yourself a green smoothie or juice, and top the rest in the crowd
by not only being green on the outside, but lean and green on the inside!

Be safe, be green, enjoy yourself and Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!


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