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Stressed Out and Out of Control!

Over the weekend, I fell into a major stress hole!

You know the kind where you want to break things, envision your fist running through a door,
or even filling up with so much internal rage that you swear your clothes are about to rip into shreds
and you are about to turn into some foresty shade of green and completely hulk out???
That is the kind of stress I’m talkin’ about with you here today, and guess what?
The cause of my stress was completely OUT OF MY CONTROL.
THAT my friends, pissed me off even more!

So, what caused such stress that led to me feeling like a total green monster?

To recap, it was something I COULD NOT CONTROL…

Control… That word right there is the cause to a lot of the stresses going on in most peoples lives.
Not being able to control the weather on the day of a special occasion.
Not being able to control traffic when you’re already running late.
Not being able to completely control all the malfunctions that can occur on the devices we have grown
to rely on in this very technical and digital age.
Not being able to control all of life’s delays, and in my case specifically, not being able to control the cup of hot & delicious tea that delicately slipped out of my hands and splattered all over my mac keyboard where
I was working on a current project that had a most major deadline of, the next day… Out of my control… Keyboard completely fried and no longer working… Out of my control…

So after completely flipping out and a few F-bombs later, I marched straight into the bathroom and
made myself soak in the bathtub until I was back to a state of normalcy. Calm, cool, and understanding.
It only took an hour but I made it to the other side.

What helped get me through such an insane level of stress?

Well it was not the water, but soaking in a bathtub whenever I’m sidelined definitely helps.
What did absolutely help me see past the stress to seeing butterflies and unicorns once again,
was ACCEPTING what was out of my control.
Accepting at that very moment that I now had to wait to complete my project.

By accepting stress pitfalls in life caused by things we cannot control, we then give ourselves the CHOICE
as to how we will feel the rest of our day, maybe even life.
By accepting and then giving ourselves the choice as to how we will react to life’s sudden pitfalls,
we ironically gain back full control to living the healthier and happier life we not only want to live,
but deserve to live.

Accepting what we cannot control is HUGE in maintaining the stress levels in our daily life.
Also accepting that we are constant works in progress, far from perfect but still made just right,
can not only relieve stress and anxiety, but remove it. Not always though – case in point. 😉
If we can practice ACCEPTANCE everywhere in our life, we can remove so much of the nagging negativity brought on by stress alone.

When we cannot change a problem we are faced with, the only thing we can change, is our attitude towards the problem. Stress will not better the problem and only cause a bigger one within you. But LETTING GO of the need to control all the things we cannot, in turn gives us greater control for how we will continue to live in our own personal life. And no one else can control that, but you!

I let go two days ago of the fact that I temporarily no longer have a keyboard to work on at home,
and now have to wait for my life partner to free up her laptop since she too has been working on a major project of her own. I’m okay with all that. In fact, I’m more than okay with that, I’m grateful my life partner has a laptop and is willing to share work time with me. 🙂

Thanks for reading this more personal post. I felt compelled to share, and I couldn’t control that feeling either, so I accepted it, sat down with no liquids in sight, and typed this all up using my life partners laptop while she is off taking a break.

May your day be filled with acceptance so that you may have the opportunity to grow into the constant, ever-changing, better version of you possible today, and every day… Even if it’s out of your control. 

Health, Love, Happiness!

~LisaGrows, CHHC






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