Summer Time Food Crimes!

With the first summer-like weekend behind us, I got to thinking of what summer time means to me…
Long days at the beach, picnics and potlucks, lots of fresh fruit, homemade guacamole and pico de gallo, which pretty much translates to hangin’ with good people, damn good food, and plenty of avocados y cilantro all summer long!

Growing up, seeing guacamole and cilantro around the house was as common as seeing eggs and bread in other homes. These were purchased in mass quantity but we could never make any of it last before it’s short shelf life so we’d either toss out the spoilage or try to eat them before it all went to waste.

Before summer hits I’d like to save you from committing TWO summer time food crimes by sharing how to extend the shelf life of these TWO very common summer food ingredients – common in my world anyway! Not only will these tips go easy on your wallet, but they’ll allow you to enjoy your food rather than rush through it 🙂

Avocado: beautiful deliciousness that transforms into, Holy GUACAMOLE!!!!  

Most people can manage to make a pretty delicious guacamole. What most do not know how to do is make it last beyond a few hours or how to store it overnight. Tossing away avocados or guacamole is a major food crime in my book, so here’s a very simple trick to extending the shelf life of this yummy goodness. Avocado_EverythingInLifeGrows

Press plastic wrap gently onto the surface, not just over it. If the pit is removed, press the wrap into it. Now if you’re working with fresh guacamole, leaving a pit or two and adding extra lime juice will only save the lower portion of your big bowl of guacamole. To make your entire creation last, press plastic wrap directly onto the surface. This is your homemade lid and I promise it will last longer! Think about pre-packaged guacamole found at your local market… You won’t find a pit or an abundance of lime juice in it, but what you will find is a container with plastic pressed tightly against the top layer acting as an air tight lid. Do this and you’ll have guacamole for days!

Cilantro: fresh, fun, and frilly 

Too often do I see people buy three bunches at a time and throw more than half of it away because it turns soggy and brown, sometimes even black. What you gotta do is treat your cilantro like you do fresh cut flowers.Cilantro_EverythingInLifeGrows copy

Rinse off the dirt, gently pat excess water with a paper towel, grab a glass jar, fill with water no more than half way, place cilantro in jar, cover leaves with a sandwich bag and presto, you have cilantro for three weeks!!
For dinner, we like to bring the entire jar out – sans sandwich bag – and place it on the table to toss into our own dish while we eat. Plus, it doubles as a fun, bright green “flower” arrangement! 

So there you have it, two quick and super easy ways of making two very popular summer time food items last longer than a few days or even a few hours.

With summer just around the corner, I hope you remember these two tips on your next avocado and cilantro shopping spree!
Enjoy the weather and all the delicious fruits & veggies this time of year has to offer! 

Until next time:)

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2 comments on “Summer Time Food Crimes!

  1. teri on said:

    thanks for the tip for storing cilantro!!! I will definitely try it when I get another bunch. plus, I love your idea for putting it on the table while eating. much appreciation!

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