Client Testimonials

I am headed to bali for 58 days. studying yoga for the month of march and backpacking throughout indonesia for april!
I wanted to thank you again for being my guide into this awaken path. it has been a struggle, but i found you exactly when i needed to. You taught me that i am not alone in this world, and that I should remain open to receiving – it’s not weak to accept help. I surrender myself, everyday, to the unknown and keep charging on against my fears and insecurities. This trip is just about that – letting go and following through with my commitments. It’s happening!! 
Thank you thank you thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. I hope to find you in the future. 
With all my love & blessings

I always looked forward to my sessions with Lisa. She created such a safe and loving space for easy, open sharing. I so valued her opinion and the gentle way in which she constantly helped create solutions to life’s steady flow of conundrums. I definitely saw a lot of positive change take place during my time in the program. I’m very grateful to have been lucky enough to find such a wonderful, intelligent, and caring coach to help nurture my growth and stand strong in all that I wanted to achieve for myself and my life.

Overall Positive Changes: A higher sense of self awareness, an easier time collecting myself and staying calm in the face of adversity, and an increase in frequency of what has become a very centering spiritual practice.

Tangible Results: Happier, decrease in symptoms of depression, more efficient and present.

Lisa Grows is: Very level headed, loving, present, thoughtful, helpful, encouraging, upbeat, steady. A ray of sunshine in the shape of a lovely lady.

I met with Lisa a bit over a year ago during a time when my life felt as if it was hanging by a thin string.
Heartbreak was the only thing I felt-nothing more, nothing less. I was going through a bad breakup—
one which I was still holding due to stubbornness and denial. It seemed as if I had tried everything to
get over the pain, even seeing my university’s psychologists for help. Nothing seemed to work. I was
still under that dark cloud numb and cold. I didn’t feel like myself at all; that ruined me. A good friend of
mine spoke to me about holistic healing and how it was helping her in a way nothing or no one else has.
So I decided to give holistic healing a chance—my last chance.

Throughout the course of the sessions I realized that it wasn’t the breakup that had me stuck in that
same dark cloud (although it did play a big part); it was my heart that needed the healing, it was I who
needed to find happiness, I needed to take care of myself, to love myself, to cherish and appreciate
myself, and to ultimately find myself and listen to my heart and be REAL. Lisa helped me remind myself
of my worth and reflect of what made me feel the happiest. It was tough, but through her guidance
I started breaking down the pieces as to why I felt the way I did about myself and how I was able to
improve my quality of life. By the 4th [session] the best time of the year (fall/Halloween) I felt that warm sensation
again that I had not felt in a very long time. It was the feeling of self-worth and I began to smile again.
Like, genuinely smile and it was then that I realized that everything was going to be ok.

Reaching the goals I had set for myself (per her suggestion) was not easy, but totally attainable! I began
to practice something that never occurred to me, and that was nourishing my body the correct way.
I effortlessly began to lose weight, and my menstrual periods were less and less painful. Meditation
played a HUGE impact through my time in the program (and still continues to do so). It allowed me think
clearer, feel lighter, and refreshed. I learned to let go of unnecessary baggage (and trust me, I had A
LOT) beginning from my closet, to my car, to people in my life, to foods I was putting in my body, and
to feelings of resentment that kept harboring within me. Once I began to flush all these away my path
was cleaner and open to anything.

Right now it feels as if i have complete control of my life. Honestly, I’ve never been so sure of me being
able to handle life on my own, I always depended on others to provide happiness and guidance, but
right now I find that guidance and happiness within myself. The universe provided me with a great
gift by putting Lisa in my path and I’ll forever be grateful. I’ve recommended Lisa to friends and I will
continue to do so because she truly helps you improve the quality of your life.

With Love,

I have to say the coaching program really opened my eyes in regards to cooking. I was always intimidated by complicated recipes and I used to share the misconception with most people that healthy cooking has to be bland. “How is something going to taste good without salt, sugar, or MSG?”

But each recipe has proven me WRONG! Each one has so much flavor that they knock any cravings I might have out of the park. Plus, I don’t feel tired or sluggish after. They’ve also made me enjoy actually chewing my food because of the nice textures. I used to be all about scarfing down my overcooked microwave dinner or inhaling my fast food combo meal.

I used to go to restaurants a lot so I thought “good” food has to cost a fair amount of money. Now I know I can make something better and healthier for cheaper, and actually know exactly what’s in my food. Cooking isn’t the “pain in the butt” I used to assume it was. Even the recipes with more than a few ingredients are pretty simple to make.

Thank you for showing me that you can make magic with just some basic ingredients!

My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to:
Stress Out Less While Feeling More Focus
Control Impulsive Behavior
Have Better Self-Esteem and Confidence

Health Coach Lisa ‘Grows’ was able to help me work toward these goals by offering hands-on approaches, suggestions and encouragement. They range from food recipes, to reading materials, to relaxation techniques.
The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my REDUCTION IN ANXIETY and INCREASE IN PHYSICAL ENERGY as well as MENTAL CLARITY.
The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my POSITIVE THINKING. I feel more grounded, stable, and I’ve been able to redefine my goals and happiness. I like how there’s no “babysitting”, how it’s very self-guided and motivated. No guilt, no condescending talk, and no judgement help out immensely.

I would describe Health Coach Lisa as understanding, friendly, and compassionate while being very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life and their self! For anyone feeling “held back” or “off track”.

6 months may seem like a very long time but as the saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun”, especially when the fun involves finding and loving yourself like never ever before.
When I signed up for [Health Coach] Lisa’Grows’ 6-Month [Group Coaching] Program there was no doubt in my mind I would feel exceptional by the end; enlightened even. But as a result, the depth of love, understanding and acceptance for myself is absolutely sublime.
For years, I dealt with ongoing depression by numbing it with an immense amount of alcohol, co-dependencies or smoking marijuana to a total and complete bake. I never wanted to be in a sober train of thought because it was just too painful. Being sober was just not fun, it meant dealing with my reality and I wanted nothing else but to run as far away as I possibly could. My truths did hurt. That was all I knew, but I never allowed myself the chance to fully understand WHY I felt the way I did or what I was running from. With [Coach] Lisa’s support and guidance I faced my biggest fear straight in the eye. I dug deep into the core of this fear but doing so was the most liberating, awakening moment I’ve ever experienced. All the abuse and neglect I instilled upon myself was no longer the answer. It was time to nurture my body, my soul; it was time to let myself feel the pain but most importantly allow myself to heal. Taking this step caused a domino effect, all the negative and abusive energy in my life slowly started to deter. Relationships with others and the relationship with myself that was immensely harmful slowly faded away.
Aside from my emotional healing, I’ve learned that in order to have a positive outlook in life we must nourish our body with healthy freshness to stimulate our mind. I am making much wiser appropriate food choices and home cooking has become a new solid part of my life. We are what we eat and I no longer want to be huge extra large pizza.
Learning to balance all in my life (Spirituality, Relationships, Food, Career, etc) and realizing it all forms a circle in the end is key. [Coach] Lisa’s exercises, meditations, and unconditional support all play a huge role in my life changes but most importantly it was deciding to have an open mind and an open heart myself. All that I tried before did not seem to work and caused me to spiral down deeper into a hole, finally deciding to defeat myself with Love was the biggest surprise of all.
I have decided to sign up for another 6 months because I’ve knocked down several self barriers this far, I can only imagine but stay optimistic to how many more I can achieve. I’ve gained confidence, boosted my self-esteem, note self-awareness and found self love, as I’ve never felt before. It feels absolutely magical.
I thank [Health Coach] Lisa’Grows’ with all of my heart along with my group partner. Without their Love, support and positive outlook I would continue to be another lost soul trying to find their way. I have found my path and will continue to work towards my soul purpose.
Peace, love and light.
A new and very blessed Sophia


“By the completion of my 4th session, my overall love and energy towards life feels elevated. I’m learning to live in the now and accept it for all that I allow it to be. Also, LETTING GO of any and all debilitating negative energies that cause grids in my path. Coach Lisa “Grows” support and understanding is just another added treat to my transformation process. Her love for your growth is very much felt.”


“I feel our sessions open me up to new possibilities. Things I never thought I was capable of are now my reality.”


Before I started my sixth month program with Health Coach LisaGrows, I was miserable and lost. I was on anti-depressants, smoked cigarettes, abused alcohol, had poor eating habits, didn’t exercise at all and was in a very unhealthy relationship. At that point in my life I knew I had to make a change; there was no way I could continue to live like that. I was extremely skeptical of this kind of approach but I felt I had tried everything else there was out there. I had seen multiple therapists and counselors, tried group therapy and read a million self-help books. Nothing seemed to work for me.

After the first free consultation I felt extremely enthusiastic and hopeful to work with LisaGrows. There is a bright, warm and positive energy to her that immediately set me at ease. I didn’t feel this way with any of the counselors and therapists I had worked with in the past. I could be 100% myself with LisaGrows and that was an amazing feeling. I didn’t feel judged or looked at like a number or paycheck. She genuinely cared about my well-being and wanted to see me succeed, but I also knew based on her austerity that she was going to put in exactly what I put in. There was a strong focus on holding myself accountable for the choices I make on a daily basis.

My 6-month goals were to lose 10lbs, quit smoking and develop a healthier eating and exercise regimen.
At the time of setting these goals I thought maybe by the time this 6-month program was completed I could achieve two out of the four.
6 months later I have completely quit smoking, lost a total of FOURTEEN POUNDS, eat much healthier and exercise 5 days a week.
I even completed a sprint triathlon and am currently training for my second full triathlon.

The approach she took and methods used really helped me make a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. At every session I received healthy food recipes and information on food, sleep, caffeine, grains, portion control, exercise, meditation and so much more. I was on occasion given homework and field trips to complete. I was taken out of my comfort zone and it was quite a challenge. It wasn’t easy, it was a lot of physical and emotional work but in the end, worth it, so worth it.

Throughout this program the most substantial changes that have taken place is my way of thinking and overall outlook on life. I went from negative to positive. I developed the ability to logically deal with any and all positive or negative situations that come my way. My emotions and impulses no longer get the better of me. I did and still do have to remind myself to be patient, this kind of change does not happen overnight. I am reversing 27 years of negative thinking and an unhealthily lifestyle. I have to forgive myself a lot.

LisaGrows is and remains my number one cheerleader, mentor, wellness guru, positive influence and emotional rock. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life. Even if you are a tad-bit skeptical of this type of program (which I was) once you get working you will see changes almost immediately, but you have to be committed. I couldn’t be where I am today without her. I am so thankful for her and all of her services. LisaGrows program has been so successful I have decided to sign on for an additional 6 months!
~Dianna Santos


“Hi Everyone! I wanted to make sure and say thank you to Lisa Grows!! – She was so full of positive energy. She really helped shed some light on some issues I’ve been struggling with in my own health. Thank you, Lisa! It was such a pleasure talking with you. xo”