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3 Tips to Spring Cleaning Your Internal Home!

Everything In Life Grows_Spring 3TipsLast week I shared a post about, “Spring Cleaning Your Internal Home”.
Some of you probably read it and thought, “Great! But where or how do I get started?”

Everyone needs a starting point, along with a little motivation. Depending on how much baggage
you’ve got hangin’ around, you may also need a few tips to help clear up the internal clutter and
make way for a beautiful and cheery Spring! 

1. Clear out the mental clutter!
We all have a trillion things to get done in any given day, yet before we can even begin one task our mind has already gone to the next, bringing on stress and probably anxiety, which can wreak havoc
on your internal home.
So how do we sweep out the mental clutter? We write it alllll down or text it into our handy-dandy phone. It’s that simple! All you gotta do is get it out of your head and onto your phone or notepad where you can simply look back and refer to what you’ve jotted down for the day.
Use this trick to guide you throughout your day rather than overwhelm your brilliant little mind,
thus creating more peace & harmony just in time for Spring!

2. Take Care of Business!
You know that book you’ve been meaning to read? Or that friend you’ve been meaning to call?
Or you know that thing you said you would take care of last week but never gotta around to but it’s okay ’cause you’ll just take care of it later anyway?? You know what I’m talking about… GET TO IT!!!
The more you put things off, the more internal weight you begin to carry. Even when you’re not thinking about these things, trust me, they are there – waaaiting to surprise you just before you close your eyes to get some much needed zzz’s and BOOM! The sandman has left the building and now you’re short on sleep. Just do yourself a favor – whatever you’ve been putting off, YOU gotta strap on your Nike’s and just do it! I promise you, the more you do of what you say you’ll do or have been meaning to do, the happier, lighter, and more accomplished you will begin to feel. Yay!

3. Be like Eve and grab some fruit off that tree!
Make it a delicious goal to add in at least one piece of fresh fruit into your daily snack bag. Just one!
If you already eat one fruit a day, cool ~ add another 🙂 The saying is true, you are what you eat.
So if you want to feel fun, vibrant, and energetic then be sure to chow down on the variety of fresh fruits that will become more and more available as the days get warmer.  
Fruit is perfect to detoxifying your internal home and it 
is a great way to get this Spring Cleaning Party started!!!

I hope these quick tips are helpful to getting you started on the spring cleaning of your internal home.
Just because we can’t always see the mess that’s going on inside, does
not mean we can’t feel the layers of dust we’ve allowed to collect over time. So get off it and get to it!
Be the most awesome boss of your life and may this be the first of most amazing Springs ever!!! 

Happy Cleaning!
~LisaGrows, CHHC

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