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To Commit or Not to Commit?? That is the Question!

commitment.jpgThe word alone can create great comfort with a deep relaxing sigh of relief or 
it can create complete discomfort with an overwhelming feeling of panic and/or fear.
With so many choices to make in a day, does anyone realize that in choosing to do or not do anything at any given moment is ultimately a commitment??
A commitment is a choice, an act of doing, creating, moving forward (or in some cases not moving at all) whether negative or positive;
we are making daily, unconscious commitments to brush our teeth, change our underwear,
show up to work, pay rent, obey traffic laws, etc.,

Only these things are set up differently and worded differently so that you don’t ever realize that in your seemingly small minute-to-minute choices you are actually either committing to live a balanced life of health, love, and happiness OR live an erratic life of stress, worry, and unhappiness.
Regardless of the outcome, who or how do these daily unconscious commitments serve?
What I’m finding is that most people unknowingly commit to the crap they complain about the most: work, relationships, money, health, weight, education, sadness
Yet find it harder to sacrifice the crap that isn’t working 10x over committing to removing the crap that isn’t working… Why is that?
I used to part of the “commit to be miserably intoxicated club”, but one miraculous day I made the decision that my life deserves better and guess what, it starts with me and the choices I make. BOOM!!! A new commitment was made. After that other commitments to better improving the quality of my life became more and more apparent and before I knew it I was creating the life I never knew I always wanted and now can’t commit to doing anything different. I am in control just as much as I was in control to committing to be drunk 8 days a week and barely survive the most unhealthy relationship I had ever committed to.
Why are we set to settling for all the stuff that makes us miserable, makes us feel stressed, sad, stuck, unfulfilled???
Are we a society destined to be unhappy, destined to fail, destined to live in fear and constantly worry about the future so it’s safer to not commit to the unknown?? Are we a society destined to complain about all that we have committed to or complain about all that we never did commit to, destined to pretty much live a long, miserable life, loaded with regret, discontent and complete unfulfillment?!
I can safely commit to the fact that it’s hard to say, so I decided to ask two questions:
1. What is the immediate feeling you get when you hear the word commit/commitment or think about commitment? Is the overall feeling a positive or negative one?
2. Why do you feel people fear the word commitment and/or the actual act of committing??
Person A:
1. focused, there’s an aim/goal, it’s “time to focus” = positive feeling
2. too hard, could potentially fail, fear, have to follow through and may fail

Person B:
1. long term, a good thing = positive feeling
2. locking you into something, long term

Person C:
1. freak out, nervous, skeptical = negative feeling
2. it’s so official, no way out, claustrophobic

Person D:
1. depends (the most interesting answer by far), obliged, has to feel right = circumstantial
2. now there’s an obligation, don’t commit to something you can’t follow through on
Making-a-big-life-change-is-pretty-scary-but-know-whats-even-scarer-regretWhat I found interesting is that the same reason these individuals either felt good or bad about commitment is the same reason they felt people could fear commitment…
Now how much more of a complicated species can we get?!
Further more, what I did get is that NO we are not destined to fail and live a life of morbid discontent. WE are destined to live a life that will challenge us to go beyond the norm, to move past setbacks, obstacles, and expectations. We are destined to evolve to something much greater than meets the eye and of course I can see why anyone would fear this, but when you accept the fact that everyday already is a commitment, than you can more easily accept why you should simply commit to committing bringing consciousness to every daily act instead of meandering around in some robotic zombielike state!
PHEW! That was a doozy!
Now I want to hear from YOU!
Please share below your feelings around commitment and why you feel people fear commitment…
I look forward to reading your responses!
Thank you for committing to reading this all the way through 🙂

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