What the Purpose?!

So I was recently reminded of what it means to live life on purpose.

Ya know, like actually do the things you wanna do because there is real meaning behind it…?

Actually going somewhere – showing up, not knowing what you’ll find but no matter what finding true value in the experience thus going with the flow, on purpose…?

Words. Speaking… Actually using them for value, but not for your own purpose…?

Loving with purpose and not shamelessly throwing this powerful and perfectly sugarcoated word around, which is not just a word but a single most powerful force that can make the world go round or stop it dead in it’s tracks. Love, be Loved, and utter the word Love with purpose…?

When is the last time you did any of these things not only on purpose, but with purpose?

Live on Purpose. Act on Purpose. Speak on Purpose. Love on Purpose. LIFE is on purpose!

How often do you wake up, go to work, go to school, go anywhere, do things, take care of ‘stuff’, say how much you care and how much you hate in the same sentence, mindlessly going about your day questioning everything, wondering “what am I doing here” or wondering if you’re supposed to be somewhere else, constantly feeling like something is missing, like looking for your glasses to only find them on your head?

Purpose… LIFE is on purpose!
Our purpose, just like the glasses on your head is right there, right in front of you, within your reach, yet you can’t seem to accept what your purpose is in any given moment or can’t shut your judgmental mind long enough to allow real purpose to materialize.

Now here’s something to think about, on purpose…

What do I want for my life?
Is what I’m doing right now going to get me there?

If you can answer that, then you’ve just added a great dose of purpose to your purposeful life!

Life will not wait for you to catch up. So get goin’!
Don’t fear purpose. Purpose is your friend and it wants you to lovingly kickass and create big things in your life, with purpose!

Now go back to the question:
What are YOU doing for YOUR LIFE?
Is what YOU’RE doing right now going to get YOU where you want to be?

It’s never too late to start living on purpose… Get movin’ honey!

With Love & Purpose,
~LisaGrows, CHHC

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